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Almost 6000 Players Banned from Pokémon Sun/Moon Online Play -

The Pokémon Company announced earlier today that a total of 5,954 players have been banned from online activity as a result of having altered save data.Players affected by this ban cannot use Game Sync, enter in Ratings Battles & Battle Competitions, and they won't be able to partake in any Global Missions.

Reddit banned r/altright over doxing violations

Reddit banned r/altright over doxing violations The alt-right subchannel, r/altright, was banned late Wednesday for violating the social media site's policy on doxing —  revealing identifying details about someone on the internet, such as someone's address.The r/alternativeright subreddit was also banned for "violating the Reddit rules," according to its now defunct page.

/pol/ discusses Shaun King.

/pol/ discusses Shaun King. Shrinking ""'If white men were banned from America,sex crimes against children wouldPLUMMET.I' m serious.