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Ronnie Cleans His Banana

Ronnie Cleans His Banana I haven't had a good night's sleep in days (feels like weeks)Now that I'm back home why not end my/the day by posting some good old Whomp?Their rebuttal is obviously that the crops will be destroyed, but I posit that the strong plants will survive, creating new plants that will better survive napalm.

Tamen De Gushi part 70

Tamen De Gushi part 70 It's the Uptown Funk, but they actually wait a minute 23 hrs agoDo what you must, I have already won 22 hrs agoDexters Mom Has Got In Going On 19 hrs agoNot antireligious, just a little jab all in good fun 23 hrs agoRoll picture wildcard is here 23 hrs agoAnon does troubleshooting 20 hrs agoDont Love Her For Her Body 21 hrs ago

Tamen De Gushi part 71

Tamen De Gushi part 71 How For Honor was meant to be played 11 mns agoFunnyjunk is more popular than facebook and fox news now 12 mns agoBREATH OF THE WILD GLITCHES 14 mns agoMuh face muh beautiful face 18 mns agoMaybe he is reading her a scary story.21 mns agoWhy are police dogs the only service animal?