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JonTron is a nazi

JonTron is a nazi background info: Succgon of cuckad got temporarily suspended from twitter, made a livestream, when suddenly Jon "We're going on a ghetto safari" Jafari joins.obviously, some people aren't happy with redpilled Jon "alt right is alright" Jafari talking to the führer of the english nazi movement sargon of cuckad.

/3/tard makes a friend irl

/3/tard makes a friend irl Yesterday ,GIFF.8 we 412x229.

Man Protects 15 year old girl from Sexua

Full Sauce: Background story: This girl was 15 years old, and the man with the bloody nose first started talking to the girl in a sexual manner.The man started to become more aggressive by caressing her hand.

A punishment worse than death

A punishment worse than death Ok, some background info.This takes just an hour after Bart Allen who was the Flash died in "Flash: The Fastest Man Alive" 2006.