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Torment: Tides of Numenera Update #56: Beta Available to All Backers, Game Delayed to Early 2017

The folks at inXile have sent out a new Kickstarter update for Torment: Tides of Numenera, and it's one that includes plenty of important news for backers of the game and people who are simply interested in the title alike.First of all, the team confirms that the game will be delayed to early 2017 in order to accomodate the game's professional localization, which inXile says is being worked on by a publisher, though they can't disclose the name yet.

Playtonic banning users for asking for refunds

Playtonic banning users for asking for refunds You have been banned trom all " discussions until 22 Apr @We were harmed try a "twxo/ ale developer.Kickstarter refund?

Ash of Gods Update #15

Ash of Gods Update #15 The latest Ash of Gods post-funding update deals with the logistics of running a Kickstarter campaign.The backers are reminded to fill out the questionnaires they've been sent and PledgeManager is announced as the platform where you can manage your rewards or become a late backer.

Underworld Ascendant Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

Underworld Ascendant Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage As promised in the development update from a few days ago, the Adventurer and above-tier backers of Otherside Entertainment's dungeon crawler Underworld Ascendant are now able to try out a Pre-Alpha build that lets them play through The Challenge of Ishtass, an early area in the game.And if you weren't among those backers but still would like to know how the game looks like at this point, we have a couple of first impressions videos for you: And now that you've had the chance to see the game in action, the backer FAQ talks about the purpose of this build: