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/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs

/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs 04 6 hours agomus hes into waterwalks away while eating teddies and sippingnesquik with trendy straws1 replyEl hours agoJPG 2418 no 600x900smushes into wateryher arms begin pinwheelingspuddenly sonic boom from rotatingarmswho is moving quickly newacross the water' s surfaceht for youyou try to runait' s too latesshe hits you going over1 reply

SJW insists Spirited Away is a metaphor for sex

SJW insists Spirited Away is a metaphor for sex fairly mm men fer Miyazaki to decide that hesgoing m make movies targeted at a grau p.Based on Miyazaki' s ewn experiences of a townDeming tegether to clean up a river.

Anon did something pure evil and got away with it

Anon did something pure evil and got away with it Fahr, (41 KB, 860x800.1Times you did something pure and and got away with it with only a slap on the wristyears old playing COD at on xboxtave inmost "' of same ageweed to play COD 4 all the time togethersatyrs in games used to hear her voice and ask for nudesat tell them that ho her bfsing tell her that she needs a real man and they' ll prove itthis would happen a lot)sohey ask for her or just add her on xbox to send her a dick picat tell her to do it and to send maths picsMind their bet: tfs/ facebo obs and post their dick pics on their wadis for their friends to seewon' t even think about how some of the dick pics are from people 17-corners my house one day and discuss with me and my parents how that counts as distributingmyselfscince my dads a cop I get away with 'internet for a year" (only about a month or 2) and the cop deicing me to not do it againHell gt about itershy brings up how some of them were It"awe decide she should tell her parents that these people (the ones ) send her dick picsuse parents call the police and report that these peopie sent inappropriate pictures to a minorcomfit the probe are on some kind of sex offenders list

/fit/ in a nutshell

/fit/ in a nutshell Vice Uploaded a video about the Acid Attacks in the UK 1 mn agoangry steam chatroom mod gets absolutely livid 3 mns agoImportant camera movement in Bnh A 11 mns agoGoogle "European people history" 25 mns agoI Wanna Stay In The Middle Lane 28 mns agoAnon gives /x/ some dating advice 29 mns agoJim can be mean sometimes.31 mns ago

Why are you running away from me?

Why are you running away from me? Error heart.exe has stopped working 6 mns agoMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 9 mns agoAnon trolls women with a Chad account 28 mns agoI laughed, but it hurt a little 29 mns agoWell once is never enough 39 mns agoEd Sheeran's cameo in the movie "her" 39 mns agoIs The Pizza Guy Still Here?

badass way to lose your job

badass way to lose your job Ennui GO!(That Thing I Do Before Work) 10 mns agoKiller Queen`s fourth bomb : I want it all 27 mns agowhat if body building contests were held like this 52 mns agowhen you try to make everybody happy 1 hr agoSome of you are alright, don't play ranked tomorrow 1 hr agoThis is the Anti-Vore Serval 1 hr agoTake Notes, this is how you get a Job 2 hrs ago