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Anon becomes self aware of his autism.

Anon becomes self aware of his autism. ATAT HE 3: 07 PM if -f 20%and r T Homei Anonymous 03/ it; ) , triterWhen did you realize you' re a beta,for?me, ‘two2014KB JPG of family overHm playing vidya in the basementFucking lagupstairs, greeted by familywave and say hello, then l tell my MomI' m lagging really badlooks aroundWe cousin fiddling around with her ipodtouchmuffin, could you switch off your Pod?

Shia Lapepe (ft John Cena)

Shia Lapepe (ft John Cena) Based Dad dishes out the law in his house 23 hrs agoGet Ronnie Some Of That Purple Drank 16 hrs agoShia is ready to bash the fash 20 hrs agothe last 2 comments are gold 20 hrs agoFarting in front of your SO 20 hrs ago*Pomf* What are we gonna do on the kitchen floor?22 hrs ago

Missing Level Completion Badges in Mahjong Escape and Solitaire Gardens

We are aware of some users playing Mahjong Escape and Solitaire Gardens may or may not be earning some of their completion badges when they finish boss levels.Our team is aware of this and is working on a solution.

Deviant Art Confirmed Canon

Deviant Art Confirmed Canon falsely accused teacher cleared 14 hrs agoquickplay exclusive healers 22 hrs agoInternational Relations Explained By Rick & Morty 23 hrs agoCOMMUNISM IS LITERALLY ILLEGAL call the cops on your local commi 23 hrs agoOn the third day he rose again 16 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 17/4/2017 17 hrs agopeople dying justice edition 14 hrs ago"Now This Is Where The Fun Begins" 14 hrs agoFinally some sanity in my feed 11 hrs agoKirby Devlopers Draw Kirby 22 hrs ago