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The justice system is a joke

The justice system is a joke New York Daily News as ramhr, hierro.i;We made a mistake": Former Arizona TVpersonalities avoid jail time after cocaine wasfound in their baby' s systemSingle mom arrested for 'abandoning'her kids at food court whileinterviewing for job 30 feet awaysingle room Laura Bro wear -Hon.

CNN Leaks are here!

CNN Leaks are here! To avoid being accused of selective editing, the footage/audio is all raw.And James O'Keefe is having a blast taunting CNN over the release.

Justin's Wholesome/Cute Memes #1 (Restart Button)

Justin's Wholesome/Cute Memes #1 (Restart Button) Infowars $20k Meme Challenge 7 snds agoWho do you think you're tweeting?3 mns agoThe Floodgates Have Opened 17 mns agoSchmucks EP 3: ChrisRayGun and Lyle 25 mns agoThat sweaty part under the balls.