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Chris Avellone "Beachside Chat" Video

Chris Avellone "Beachside Chat" Video Earlier this year, Chris Avellone participated in a "Beachside Chat" panel at Croatia's Reboot Develop 2016 conference, and the full 43-minute Q&A is finally ready for streaming through Reboot Magazine's YouTube channel.Given the length of the video, a lot of ground regarding Chris' tabletop and video game design/writing history is covered, so I'll just let you sit back and take it in:

Chris Avellone Planescape: Torment Q&A

Chris Avellone Planescape: Torment Q&A Following the announcement of Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition, Beamdog's official blog boasts a Q&A-style interview with none other than Chris Avellone himself regarding his involvement in the project and some other Planescape-related topics.Be warned that some of the questions contain spoilers.

Chris Avellone Audio Interview

Chris Avellone Audio Interview When not busy working on games as a freelance developer, Chris Avellone seems to enjoy participating in lengthy audio interviews all over the Internet.The latest one, on the LoneVaultWanderer YouTube channel, runs for about an hour and touches on a variety of topics.

Chris Avellone Talks Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Chris Avellone Talks Pathfinder: Kingmaker A new interview with Chris Avellone has popped up, focusing on his involvement in the Owlcat Games' upcoming Pathfinder: Kingmaker RPG.The interview is quite informative in that it assumes that the readers have no familiarity with Pathfinder, and with Chris' help it tries to remedy this oversight.

Chris Avellone & Pathfinder: Kingmaker Interview

Chris Avellone & Pathfinder: Kingmaker Interview The latest episode of the Shane Plays radio show is now up on YouTube.It brings us an hour-long interview with Chris Avellone that revolves around Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Owlcat Games' upcoming CRPG, and Chris' role in it as a Narrative Designer.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #41

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #41 Chris Avellone is back with a new Kickstarter update for Owlcat Games' upcoming CRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker.This time around he starts by talking a bit about the rogue class and the people who play it.