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Chris Avellone "Beachside Chat" Video

Chris Avellone "Beachside Chat" Video Earlier this year, Chris Avellone participated in a "Beachside Chat" panel at Croatia's Reboot Develop 2016 conference, and the full 43-minute Q&A is finally ready for streaming through Reboot Magazine's YouTube channel.Given the length of the video, a lot of ground regarding Chris' tabletop and video game design/writing history is covered, so I'll just let you sit back and take it in:

Chris Avellone Planescape: Torment Q&A

Chris Avellone Planescape: Torment Q&A Following the announcement of Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition, Beamdog's official blog boasts a Q&A-style interview with none other than Chris Avellone himself regarding his involvement in the project and some other Planescape-related topics.Be warned that some of the questions contain spoilers.