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Aussie don't care

Aussie don't care The Fire Rises: WORLD WAR MEME the Third 23 hrs agoGeorge Soros - enemy of the state 18 hrs agoThe true terrorist of Quebec.14 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #15 8 hrs agoPull your head in seriously guys.

Australians crying upside down

Australians crying upside down Australians are not ready for superbeast broadband,NBN chief saysblirHEADERS196READERS176READERSIE million mess new amounted to the NBNi) charts Charm, I (ti)AUSSIES are just not ready for superbeast broadband and would not use iteven if we offered it far free", the head of the National Broadband Networkhas alarmed.EIGHT THEAlton's arrest: can guyoutside Massesthingo an Huawei Mate , BootFleet: which phone std ye.