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SJW is triggered by biology class

SJW is triggered by biology class Is This Shokugeki no Soma?23 hrs agoLiberals have lost their minds.

Hot people with that one thing..

Hot people with that one thing.. yesss salsa dancing to the rythm of life yes me bby watch those s 8 mns agoTime to Burn the House Down 10 mns agoCzech out my new carry gun!11 mns agoThe British are very good at chess 22 mns agoArts and crafts class aint nothing to mess with.

now you know it

now you know it what song do you suggest?1 mn agoStill Haven't Watched This 3 mns agoInspirational Witch Kitty 5 mns agoDBZ gifs for your viewing pleasure 5 mns agoThis Week in Stupid (03/09/2017) 17 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #84 20 mns agoSimpsons Memes: Sunday Afternoon Frogurt 27 mns agoFor nightcore lovers only 28 mns agoWe're all living in 2017 while this kid is living in 3017 36 mns ago

Anon tries the LGBT club

Anon tries the LGBT club Zenyatta, That Wacky Omnic 3 mns agoNot sure if this is an upgrade 22 mns agoColin Trevorrow is no longer directing Episode IX 30 mns agoany history month, we are all americans 35 mns agoUltronyourgod Vs Prodicalson (Bad Shipping war arc) 40 mns agoI killed a meme for this man 41 mns agoHurricane Irma Live Tracker 51 mns agoDonald Duck having a stroke 54 mns ago