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Anon is an Alt-Right

Anon is an Alt-Right i Anonymouspay no attention topoliticsmom heardabout '' on the21 KB JPG newsto think that I ama member of the even though shedoesn' t really know what it isto think it is some sort ofmovement about gay rightslitterally no idea how she got thisimpressionsshe keeps giving me newspaper clippingsabout gay peopleweeps telling visitors that her son is an altright gay helper and they never sayanything about itshe makes dinner she puts iton an 'alt right dinner plate' which is a platewith the gay flag on, and all the foodpushed to the right side of the platethe food slides to the left side she getsmad at me and calls me ungratefulcreeps trying to make me go on a datewith gay people to discuss alt right politicshelp

Fembot makes good points

Fembot makes good points But how about I do.anyway?

Florida Man Signs very Enthusiastically

Florida Man Signs very Enthusiastically Donald Trump In EI know the haters will try to make an issue ifthis but seriously, the guy signing isawesome!lfl ever need a sign guy he is itABC News" {Gov, Scott: "If you' been ordered to evacuate, you need to leavenow.

Anon didn't pay attention to detail

Anon didn't pay attention to detail Paige vs.AJ Lee (Divas Championship) Raw, June 30, 2014 2 mns agoNeed Help finding a particular manga.

an FJ user died :(

an FJ user died :( I remember seeing him en is terrible , (Hey pineapplechunkss, did his cousin say anything else?I am Joseph, Cemen aka Glenn' s cousin,cm September 15th, 2017 Glenn/ Comet passed away while in his bed.

God I Love this Fight

God I Love this Fight If you name them, you get attached 19 hrs agoGYPSYDUDE OUTTA MAH WAY I GOT GARBAGE 18 hrs agoLesbian couple gets 20yrs jail for torturing their son 15 hrs agoGetting Sleepy With Tomboy Osanajimi 23 hrs agoDon't let anything keep you down!19 hrs agoAaron Paul went to Disneyland 15 hrs agoFallout 3 and 4 differences 18 hrs ago