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Oh... sorry about that...

Oh... sorry about that... If one of you little Fuckers uses this memeagain in an attempt to exclaims your shitpolitical views, I will mots to your home andbitch slap your parents for creating such astupid shit head child.Star wars is my escapefrom you people God damnit.

Exactly as planned comp

[trigger medium mentionlist RandomThemedComps] Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.

Somali Pirates thought this would be a GOOD IDEA.

Somali Pirates thought this would be a GOOD IDEA. Somali pirates approach a RUSSIAN WARSHIP to attempt to hijack it.After warning them multiple times, the warship, fully armed, opens fire.

Daily News: June-30-2017

Daily News: June-30-2017 Note: With dedication forA brand new Pokemon Go update has just been released.Instead, they simply announced its release in a tweet and said it aims to “implement bug fixes.

people dying, bulls are mean

people dying, bulls are mean An attempt to stop a car bomb doesn't really work out Police officer tries to save a man from committing via train but is too late.Luckily he gets out in time Woman trying to teach a kid to drive is run over by him Car crushes man between the hood of their car and the open truck bed exploding tire kills one mechanic while leaving the other stunned speeding biker crashes into turning van at high speedthe next 3 are just stupid assholes getting their **** tore up by bullsenjoy

The state of confederate statues in Texas

The state of confederate statues in Texas Police in Texas have warned far-left protestors that if they attempt to destroy or vandalize statues, gun owners can shoot them on sight.According to Texas police academy instructor, Phil Ryan, citizens can use deadly force to stop Antifa and BLM protestors from destroying any monuments or statues in their state.

Story of Eastern Swordland

Story of Eastern Swordland My collection of offensive jokes 13 mns agoSaying goodbye to your loved one 15 mns agogames journalist plays a video game 20 mns agoGlad someone stopped this monster 29 mns agoJoseppe His Balls and the Purple Hurple 32 mns agoDa Youngstas (Illy Funkstaz)- I'll Make You Famous 57 mns agoFEMA CAMPS Planning To Kill As Much People As they Can 1 hr agoGERMANY MUST PERISH as all Germans and Austrians are sadistic ser 1 hr agoh3h3 on BBC's "Digital Blackface" 1 hr agouse balistas to kill a giant demon dragon.1 hr agoWhat else would I spend my money on?