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Dog gets two new legs after losing them in a sword attack

From Youtube description: A dog who lost its legs after a near fatal sword attack in Bangkok was given a second chance to walk again, after an animal shelter implanted a pair of prosthetic legs on the canine.Cola was nine months old when his two front legs were hacked off in an attack by a neighbor who found the dog chewing on a pair of shoes.

Vaga Cudal Novis Impomof

Vaga Cudal Novis Impomof The area of the crematorium in the Majdanek camp 2 mns agoWhy the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself 22 mns agoI know you are but what am I?39 mns agoSome work agony can only be described in pictures 46 mns agoLooking for the rest of this thread 48 mns ago

Anon will never fail another paper

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The Cuban Sonic Weapon Story Keeps Getting Stranger

The Cuban Sonic Weapon Story Keeps Getting Stranger There are now at least 21 US victims and a few from Canada.Yet others heard nothing, felt nothing.

God I Love this Fight

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