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This behavior is praised at colleges. Why?

This behavior is praised at colleges. Why? reggie Np'i dared this guy to get this Trumpsupporters final exam taken by theprofessor for cheating and he did it83 RETWEETS 218 LIKESreggie @ A 'NprReplying to @this Trump supporter is always tryingto justify Trump' s racism in class andhe always trying to talk shit aboutMexicans.Ain' t Karma good.

/k/ommando goes to Subway

/k/ommando goes to Subway I Anonymous 04/ ) " 10 No.tta"blotlorris.

I never noticed the similarities

I never noticed the similarities /TV/'s Take on Man of Steel 20 hrs agoRussian gets stuck in an old missile silo 20 hrs agoSome people have all the luck 23 hrs agoThe fictional GoT universe and its history are too white 22 hrs agoIf only we respected REAL women like we did in the 1950s 22 hrs agoNot (At All) Sorry About Your Package Size 16 hrs agoHow to talk about a game you don't like.20 hrs agoEven synchronized robots can get dates 23 hrs agoI am against censorship but.

i`m walt disney

i`m walt disney Another time was, we were tasking at the section at The Jungle Book where the little girlcomes out and gets in the water, and the titte hays up in the tree, and he falls into the water.She senses that he' s following her, so she drops the jug after a ways, and this continues all theway up, and the troy tasks hash at as Me audience] and shrugs his shoulders, and then heturns around and waits at the titte girl, and she wrinkles her nose up at him.

/pol/ on interracial dating

/pol/ on interracial dating Black Men angry at Serena J Anonymous (ID: ) E (10: Sil AM) No.vpregnant for a White man.

US charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention

US charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention US charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention Click to block a category: Toshiro prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Newly released Egyptian-American charity worker visits TrumpPresident Donald Trump met Friday at the White House with an Egyptian-American charity worker who was freed after nearly three years of detention in Egypt.“We are very happy to have Aya back home and it’s a great honor to have her in the Oval Office,” Trump said.

Tracer vs

Tracer vs It hungers for more trash 18 hrs ago/pol/ has Antifa on the run 17 hrs agoThe future of gaming is now!19 hrs ago>When you know you are going to lose 19 hrs agoUniversity of Safeus Spaceus 21 hrs agoMafia 3's in-game statement on its depiction of racism 20 hrs ago