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Anons friend isnt gay

Anons friend isnt gay El Anonymous / 17( ) [Reply] Fbbe me 20 years oldshaving fun with some friends and spend the night with themasleep next to a close friend and we start talking about dumb shiteuwe talk about girls and then he DBEHS up to me and says he want he kiss meIn feel uncomfortable and tell him "mi'We says sorry and tells me that he' s not gay

Mechs get sleepy too

Mechs get sleepy too i fucking love when D.Va gets hit with Ana' ssleep dart she' s not asleep, the fuckingmech isshe' s in there furiously wiggling the controlsticks like thistti,HER FACE THOUGHLikeHOWNO REALLY HOWIS THIS HAPPENINGHOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE HOW ISIT POSSIBLE"Source:27, 509 notes > C) ct CC?

Anon has a dream

Anon has a dream File: taus MB, 1100: 0001that sisters harassi: 2.hi ten asleep strung up on {I meshA is.

Falling asleep military style

Falling asleep military style corranew can you train yourself to sleep quickly like theydo In the military?