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Anon asks the real question.

Anon asks the real question. E Anonymous 06/ ( Frmo: 05: 52Would catgirls makeeffective soldiers in anarmy?blot tomention their increased fertility rates allowsa high population, allowing their farces toreplenish in time.

Anon asks a question about Squats

Anon asks a question about Squats Heth Cowsue Bushok Foccarci 13 mns agoBut First Lemme Take a Selfie 15 mns agoD.C.

Anon hires a prostitute

Anon hires a prostitute Hi mean i shouldn' t complain you' re giving me business but ijust dor/ t' re young.

/fit/ asks a question

/fit/ asks a question The Princess and the Frog 22 hrs agoEmoji Movie wall of text rundown 22 hrs agoAnon takes a personality test 16 hrs agoJhonny Sins is to talented 20 hrs ago"Fitness and diet culture are pushed by the patriarchy." 23 hrs agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #54 23 hrs ago

/co/mrade asks a question

/co/mrade asks a question Kemono friends tibethan fox 35 snds agoStolen Directly From Tumblr 8 mns agoTrump condemns charlottesville 13 mns agoWell would you look at that 14 mns agoTurns out that it actually was good news 42 mns agoPlanetside 2 is a good game 48 mns agoWho are the real xenophobes 48 mns agoRemember: It's for the paycheck.52 mns ago10/10 Rein, Would queue with 54 mns ago

Anon asks for a pen

Anon asks for a pen What this statue represents?41 mns agoAnon went to far this time.

Anon is a lawyer

Anon is a lawyer djlsbe me, washed up lawyerPhailed writerreconsidering suicidepearents ask if I' m OKsureasks what I' m readingstell him The Sorrows of 'Young Werther‘Scilencesdad calls NYPD from another phone withouttelling meme on the line for a few minutesminutes later, loud banging on apartmentdoorPD!I ask, lawyer's.