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Arguing with a Trump hater...

Arguing with a Trump hater... Anonymous asked:Literally nothing he has said ordone states or even implies thathe believes whites to be superiorto anyone else.His actionsprotect American lives.

White House suppresses the media

White House suppresses the media white House blocks CNN, BBC, New YorkTimes, LA Times from media!Fm an is seen as an eff n: andere is hem with a , {Pi reporters in " an February Bal.

Mattis is Kek: Confirmed

Mattis is Kek: Confirmed Before parting ways, Johnson asked thesecretary whether people in the Pentagonwere still calling him "Mad Dog.That was something made up bythe press.

There's a cure?

There's a cure? ( wrang rum: yerr.SitThere' s a cure?

Zombies chasing Hilary Clinton

Zombies chasing Hilary Clinton Click to block a category: malinko prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment