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wasps should be extinct

wasps should be extinct Atsan Ytyonompem Kifabyig 6 mns agoTrust nobody, not even yourself from the past 8 mns agoList of Countries that US have messed with 39 mns ago/fit/izen meets a militant vegan 44 mns agoLeave Iran alone, Fat terrorist.51 mns agoISIS guy trying to spook Spain gets meme'd 1 hr agoFree Xbox One game: Blacksea Odyssey 1 hr agoJapanese school girl Opal 1 hr agoThs may be the greatest thing I've ever seen 1 hr agoDeadpool 2 stuntwoman killed because diversity 1 hr ago> 2017, being white makes you Hitler 1 hr ago

How to win an argument

Yr V9 MAKE DIRECT EYE CONTACT WHILE YOU LISTENT '_ raisersI-‘ Moe - n vow statusas soon as may start '' we wanee ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT YOU CAN RELATE TO AND WHYstar" _ mrfmum mole atandt, tat.

Anon is a lawyer

Anon is a lawyer djlsbe me, washed up lawyerPhailed writerreconsidering suicidepearents ask if I' m OKsureasks what I' m readingstell him The Sorrows of 'Young Werther‘Scilencesdad calls NYPD from another phone withouttelling meme on the line for a few minutesminutes later, loud banging on apartmentdoorPD!I ask, lawyer's.

You have to ask yourself

You have to ask yourself If you name them, you get attached 19 hrs agoGYPSYDUDE OUTTA MAH WAY I GOT GARBAGE 18 hrs agoLesbian couple gets 20yrs jail for torturing their son 15 hrs agoGetting Sleepy With Tomboy Osanajimi 23 hrs agoDon't let anything keep you down!19 hrs agoAaron Paul went to Disneyland 15 hrs agoFallout 3 and 4 differences 18 hrs ago