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I'm so fucking happy

I'm so fucking happy After two years of sitting around wasting my life away, I finally took a class at my local college and passed with a 93%I'm so ******* happy and I've finally proven myself to my parents.My whole life I've been struggling and now I'm starting to get on the right path.

Robot and his autistic girlfriend

Robot and his autistic girlfriend Charlottesville Becomes /tv/ 2 mns agotrying to help your duo partner 2 mns agoNice a pic, 1 minutes.12 mns agoCharlottesville driver identified 14 mns agoTrump returns to his Safe Space when asked about Charlottesville 38 mns agoCar man Facebook Dump: Name that FJ user 44 mns agoTrump lovin' Terroist's Facebook cover photos 54 mns agoDisney characters in modern times 1 hr agoUncle Vinnies Blatantly Used Dank #4 1 hr agoShould have listened to cyanide about spacing 1 hr ago32 years of Disney on TV (official anniversary video) 1 hr agoSamurai jack is still a thing to me 1 hr ago

Stop Drinking The Water In Germany

Stop Drinking The Water In Germany All you need is love!Giving people thecuddle hormone' oxytocin canincrease kindness towards refugees,even amongst those with a fear offoreignersOxytocin is released naturally by humans during social and sexual behaviourResearch has previously shown it breeds trust and generosity in othersNew study has found oxytocin can boost kindness towards poor refugeesxenophobic people were more likely to donate money to refugees if they hadhigh oxytocin and were under social pressure to give moreBy HARRY PETTIT FOR MAILMAN LINEPUBLISHED: 15: 00 EDT, 14 August 2017 I UPDATED, (M): 45 EDT, 15 August 2017