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The Fully story(Starbucks)

The Fully story(Starbucks) Hey (g) ) tarrlocks, instead of hiring10, 000 refugees, how about hiring10, 000 veterans.3, 561 RETWEETS 9, 114 LIKES6 Ill' FailStarbucks Coffee 9 ' weii) h/ We' re very committedto hiring veterans, Mark.

This guy proposes to Disney Princesses

This guy proposes to Disney Princesses I bet you expected a ring 02/23/2017I must go my ball needs me 23 hrs agoThursday's Cute Things - 23/2/2017 22 hrs agoI remember my time in a man 22 hrs agomost customers also bought :) 23 hrs ago7 Earth like Planets Found, Kek Guide Us 22 hrs agoAsking the important questions 22 hrs agoFastest breathing dog in the world 21 hrs agoActual funny content i think 23 hrs agoWe Do Our Ancestors Proud 19 hrs agoThe internet should be female-only 23 hrs agoTumblrina Triggered over the word "Date" 21 hrs agoPEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION 22 hrs ago