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Intel may accelerate its CPU timeline in response to Ryzen, report says

Intel may accelerate its CPU timeline in response to Ryzen, report says Since its launch in February, Ryzen has proven to be a major boon for AMD, prompting speculation that the company is in the midst of a major comeback.That seems to have triggered a response from its biggest rival, as Intel is apparently making preparations to accelerate its release schedule.

The incredible Journey 3

The incredible Journey 3 Ill,thank u for visiting little friend I leve LII have an update on this lil dude apparently hehas now been permanently banned from leavinghis house because he walked his ass down tothe train station got on a train and spend the dayhanging out in a caffe a few suburbs overSource: ) n393, 869 notes cl CC?

Language trends across the U.S.

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Apparently physics is sexist.

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And I feel just like Jesus son

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Swanson seal of approval

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