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Swanson seal of approval

Swanson seal of approval GOP dealt stiff blow in Senate's bid to repeal 'Obamacare' 15 mns agoPlaystation Plus is increasing the price 20 mns agoSecadaiva Tabtele Nidsepremp 27 mns agojust keep rolling we will edit it out 29 mns agoHow to piss off grammar nazis using vegetables 33 mns agoGood Ol' Red, White, and Blue 37 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.3 40 mns agoIvniomr Gadrat Dowosareys 42 mns agoWe Americlaps got nothin' on these guys 1 hr agoRoses are red, O.

a joke as old as time

a joke as old as time Playing online with terrible ping 23 hrs agoAwesome cosplays that are SFW 21 hrs agoBTFO'd by multiculturalism!22 hrs agodeadmau5's odd encounter with Nicolas Cage 23 hrs agoGrandma responds to anti abortion laws 19 hrs agoThis sounds like a solid plan.