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1:00 vs 0:60

1:00 vs 0:60 Thisis a an I mama question, but the answer ha sheen bugging me far a magHammy POn I , if you push tio, llama it will wait far EU ammanda m an minute.Fairway men _AND if gran aha urn: HI!

you dont want the answer

you dont want the answer Ilene Verizon PM t 6696 It4 Messages Mom ContactText MessageToday PMWhat was the book youwanted?attack an titan.

The most obvious answer

The most obvious answer MI Elms EditedWhat does HP means?HE Points?

Can you identify Fake News?

Can you identify Fake News? Like the click-bait above, most people think fake news will be in your face, easily identifiable, and perhaps easily unbelievable.The most popular fake news that exists online today are not wild conspiracies.