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When Inquisitor Kysnaro finds out who Bjorn is

When Inquisitor Kysnaro finds out who Bjorn is > Dead for centuries> Entombed in a walking raping coffin of death> Getting rather annoyed by everyone always kneeling like you're some sort of saint> Finally an Inquisitor shows up who takes **** from no one, doesn't know you and refuses to kneel when others around you already bent the knee> Finally a normal conversation with someone who doens't think you're above everyone else just because you met some powerful dude in the past.> MFW he finally realizes who you are

Anon gets a computer

Anon gets a computer Death of a School - Watanabe 14 mns agoXaralag Lepaicteav Arcubush 1 hr agoBattle for the continent of the chinks will never ends.1 hr agoGames Workshop: Not diverse enough 1 hr agoAlolan Exeggutor figure takes up two packages 1 hr agoJust Flew In From The Ruins Level!