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How to turn off AMBER alerts on Android and iOS

How to turn off AMBER alerts on Android and iOS All smartphones — be it Android or iPhone — receive AMBER alerts, and here we explain how to turn the notifications off.More: How to block text messages in Android and iOS In iOS, AMBER alerts are categorized as Government Alerts alongside Emergency Alerts, the latter which amounts to weather warnings or notifications issued by the President.

Mars is back on the menu boys!

Mars is back on the menu boys! Second time unlucky for JohnnyDepp' s ex Amber Heard as she splitsfrom Paypal billionaire Elon MuskBy CAROLINE GRAHAM FOR THE ON SUNDAYPUBLISHED: 22: 42 BST, 5 August 2017 I UPDATED: 00: 52 BST, 6 August 2017Her marriage to Pirates Of TheCaribbean star Johnny Depp nefariouslyimploded when she accused him ofbeating her upAnd it appears actress Amber Heard hasbeen unlucky in leve yet again, afterbeing dumped by her billionaireboyfriend.Heard, 31, is 'devastated' after techtween Elon Musk ended their yearlongromance, Last night a source told TheMail on Sunday: '' s all over betweenAmber and Elon and she' s devastated.