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Legion Alpha: New Pets, Pocket Pet Portal, and WoW Anniversary Pet

Legion Alpha: New Pets, Pocket Pet Portal, and WoW Anniversary Pet The recent Alpha patch added six new pets![] Six new pets were added to Legion Alpha in the latest patch.

Fable Fortune Updates #5-7, ,298 and Counting

Good news comes via the seventh update to Flaming Fowl's Fable Fortune Kickstarter campaign, as they spill the news that those of you who have pledged £100 or more toward the game will receive access to an alpha build of the RPG-influenced CCG starting today.The fifth and sixth updates also share news about some Twitch streaming that's been happening, but it's the NDA-free alpha build that's most intriguing:

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2 The second installment of the spin-off Street Fighter Alpha series and the sequel to (and remake of) Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams, Street Fighter Alpha 2 features five new playable characters (Dhalsim and Zangief from Street Fighter II, Gen from Street Fighter, Rolento from Final Fight, and newcomer schoolgirl Sakura), new backgrounds for all returning characters, and updated gameplay mechanics (including the introduction of the "Custom Combo" system, which allows players to use their Super Meter to make lengthy timed chain combos).This version was further revised in the Street Fighter Collection compilation (for the Saturn on November 30, 1997 and PlayStation on December 16, 1997) as Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold (Street Fighter Zero 2' in Japan and Street Fighter Alpha 2' in Europe), adding Cammy (in her X-Men vs.