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The Promising Plot Potential of Predator

The Promising Plot Potential of Predator While its later sequels have disappointed, to say the least, the original Alien movies are great, especially the first one.The moment I realized the Predator franchise’s potential for gloriously stupid lore was when I watched Predator 2 for the first time.

Earn Six Figures Fighting Alien Contamination for NASA

Earn Six Figures Fighting Alien Contamination for NASA For NASA’s newest planetary protection officer, it means defending the planet from alien contamination.The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a job opening for “planetary protection officer” (PPO)—a six-figure gig that requires frequent travel and a secret security clearance.

Bakugo did nothing wrong

Bakugo did nothing wrong Please to squeeze the cheese n bees 4 mns agoAll I can think of is the Shrek twinkies 4 mns agoWe've come far as a society 9 mns agoAnon foresees crime skyrocketing 21 mns agoJontron Watches Eromanga-Sensei 34 mns agoBune Wofa Itex Yshiecicca 39 mns agoAdam Jensen Calls Scammers.43 mns agoSPERIT PLAYS PATH OF EXILE PART 4 54 mns agostupid stuff in my meme folder part 1 57 mns agoNot anymore there's a blanket 1 hr agoI've finally made it guys 1 hr agoTo my subscribers and "friends" 1 hr agoXetsugrat Tuplon Cilofuifli 1 hr ago

Scorn art and screenshots

Scorn art and screenshots "You are now entering a world of darkness; alien, unfamiliar and isolated.A world where flesh, bone and metal have become one.