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India becomes a world power

India becomes a world power i Anonymous no maidens.Check it out lads now thewest will bow down to thesupreme intellectuals akarard.

melon lord (aka toph) appreciation post

Alright ladies and gentlemen, here's an appreciation of the rebellious, stubborn, blind, short, adorable and badass member of the Team Avatar.The shadowed earthbender in the opening sequence of the show was revealed to be Toph's initial prototype.

"fuck the media" intensifies...

"fuck the media" intensifies... WELLNESS WHAT' S WORKING VOICES VIDEO ALL SECTIONS Q.TASTEDonald Trump Prefers His Steak Well Done, AKA TheWorst Possible WayYou are what you eat.

Anon tries a social experiment

Anon tries a social experiment 5 Anonymousin class todaybe mein class todaysociology aka Shih/ bootcampskew.14 with bad10 KB attitude sits next to meon my shitty Ah/ ID Hptouchscreen laptopon ychani notice she is looking at my screensecretlyon this board in the middle of classscroll down a littlepornshe went to sit somewhere else a andlooked at me in disgust the rest of the class5 AnonymousTell her it was a social experiment