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Game of Thrones Dump #3

Game of Thrones Dump #3 /a/ Draws - Tell Me Why (Berserk OP) 46 snds agoThis Week in Stupid (09/07/2017) 9 mns agoSilly Ash, the writers won't let you have another Electric type 23 mns agoPolan can't into diversity 26 mns agoTwo myths meet, who would win 29 mns agoscreams internally AND externally 29 mns agoTwo faggots pranking gorgeous Admin 39 mns agoHissed Connections BONUS Chapter 41 mns agoYstai Nesabtil Waguakeirr 42 mns agoChurch Bans Gluten Free Bread.44 mns ago

Air travel IS a myth

Air travel IS a myth Replytlt I don' t ttl, , i, l, lla, in air travel.How cansomething weighing 70 tons stay in the air?

Guy shares insane list of relationship 'rules'

Guy shares insane list of relationship 'rules' plane.i, Ety, til's, we are Anywai_.