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/fit/izen's ageless autism

/fit/izen's ageless autism ain yon gymnasiumasspie a fair maidensshe meets my gazeto avert my eyes posthastesshe approachesSir Knight, thou art most endowed with strength of the Body!"milady"Were it you seated 'pan a posting steed, I daresay I would bequeath upon you my favor"Aland also unto you"Epicnoodles poopeth from my satchel

Girl comes over robot's house

Girl comes over robot's house 35736617Anonymous I 35736617 28 min.ago nobbe meihigh schooldays agoain math classibored so I do drawings on papereonly thing I can draw are pep'sbecause ychanwe agirl on my left sees it even though i21.

Anon has a Maori squadmate

Anon has a Maori squadmate 5 Anonymous (ID: Q Ebbe us marine infantrysmauriyhes big as fuck, tough as fuck, just really greatdependable guyain afghanistanaother marine unitguy sees other guyfrom traditionally opposing tribestthey do traditional war dance offaactually kinda cool to seehands, laugh, thats the end of itaask him what that was all aboutwell back in the day we' d do that shit, then we' d fight tothe death and the victor would eat the loser"that dance was you two threatening to eateachotheryeah, basically, but were above that nowdays.blow itsjust all in good fun"Guy was the best damned machinegunner I ever saw anddependable as fuck.

Random shit on my computer

Random shit on my computer I found an old picture of my kitters 2 mns agoPresident Trump reinstates transgender military ban 13 mns agoUsing a tortillia as a record player 15 mns agoLooking for gas masks on Amazon, found a gem.31 mns agoWhat White Knights Actually Believe 33 mns agoI wish yo momma swallowed you 34 mns agoBoku no hero academia chibis 36 mns agoOne of the best Disney Films 1 hr ago

Not to brag but

Not to brag but a imgur.( amimgur v mp»: v PgTrick friends into thinking you have your shit together "Emmi P,have Imgur?