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white pride is racist

white pride is racist Lontud Pecur Poom Samsayst 22 hrs agois your white baby racist?23 hrs agoImmigration is a privilege, not a right.

Every thigh guy can agree

Every thigh guy can agree Immigration is a privilege, not a right.23 hrs agoThe Current State of Affairs 22 hrs agoGirl hits a guy twice her size, gets hit right back.

You just activated my trap card.

You just activated my trap card. Comments CLLarry Joe CollinsSo do you agree with this statement?to intro.

I agree with most of these.

A' MicrosoftWE.CONTROL.

/pol/ack talks to Mormons

/pol/ack talks to Mormons local Mormons,missionaries agree to talk.mine of them starts crying tears of joytalking about being filled with the spirit.

Daily News April 28-2017

Daily News April 28-2017 Paul authorities discovered 80 pounds of marijuana hidden in the spare-tire wells of two Fusions staged for delivery in a railway vehicle holding lot.Later, Dilworth, Minnesota, police recovered an additional 217 pounds of wacky tobaccy in seven more Ford Fusions after rail employees discovered the drugs during a routine inspection.