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Anon has girlfriend issues

Anon has girlfriend issues 738776618A couple of years ago, one night, I wasabout to propose to my girlfriend when myroommate Joseph barged into the porchout of nowhere, tripped and fell over,breaking a glass table with his face.He was walking around withone of those cotton pads on his eye for a couple ofmonths.

Anon is scared of the dark

Anon is scared of the dark Anonymous I 681860389 chours ago.Aabout nine or tenAscared of the dark back thenAscared to go down hallway to pissbecause it' s too darkto start pissing down ventbastart pissing clown the vent every nightstarts to notice that the housesmells like pisscountinue pissing down each nightshe sold the house two monthslater because the "ventilation systemwas broken"1 REPLY

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house I ( Ewes agosbe merage to cousins for sleep carerwehave it cousins32 guy' s.I girl2: satay up latepplay vidya watch moviesgiri cousin }' 5 uncle has lots of extra beershe wont notice a few missingaccentrave get buzzedguy cousin doesnt like beer goes ta bedEma gqy cousin gets phone and splits for a while311st me and girl cousinidrink more while watchingstarts saying shes drunkminutes later look {WEI and shes crashed outffind a blanket and cover her uprage to bed without molesting cousin because we have a stable funnily relationship and not attracted to her

Life is all right

Life is all right trumpet; 38408913.agoit '/1.

Anon is a father

Anon is a father 10 26 minutes agoPNG 366.4 Kib 469x537sbe a fatherMohave 13 year old son4 always knew he' d grow up to be a loseryhe' s a complete nerd, really into star warssalsa claims he is a ""yhe says he identifies as the Forcemot even Darth Vader or Luke, just thefucking Forceshe has long hairorder him to get a haircut (maybe hecould get a or something if he didn' t looklike a damn hobo)aafter twenty minutes he walks into theroom, his hair still long as shitask him why he didn' t get a haircuts" l like my hair, it' s my choice dad!

Anon describes every iPhone keynote

Anon describes every iPhone keynote 56675828 6 hours agoapple PNG 838.2Good morning!

Typical sjw and star wars

Typical sjw and star wars Ac Trumph supporters, why do you support a bigot?Askreddit)submitted 41 minutes ago byV 52 comments share save hide give gold reportsorted by: best ‘IFyou are viewing a single comment' s thread.

This was aired 18 years ago

This was aired 18 years ago Military Doesn’t Spend 8 Times More on Viagra than Trans 1 mn agoNeed some help mates with College problems 2 mns agoHow to get out of the Draft 2017 edition 23 mns agojust some cool obscure song i like 28 mns agoMy Bike Got Stolen Last Night 29 mns agoBecause the gender of the writers is more important 32 mns ago