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Anon drives to work

Anon drives to work Anonymous mow/ 01: 15] 112178539.ago onbbe meon outskirts metropolitan areasevera day make this commute on freeway000 people use it everyday and pay tollsis only 4 lanes, 2 lanes each directiontthey' been doing road work for over 4fucking yearsnnothing has changedday it' s bumper to bumpereevery other day there is a car crashroad's minutes to everyone' s commutehoundreds of thousands in property damageseach yearbajillions spent on laborit' s just brown people working on theroadlitterally just 6 people standing there watchingone person dig with a shovel

The one year anniversary of TPP

The one year anniversary of TPP 1.The fanart created during the 16 day 10 hour journey was both numerous, There were some amazing moments, such as the capture of Zapdos using a master ball, However, terrible moments passed as well, to include the early release of a starter, and the release of twelve others on Bloody Sunday.

A day without immigrants in school

A day without immigrants in school I hour ago.LikeRobin RiggleYes, it was a very pleasant day.

Privacy settings: Friends only

Privacy settings: Friends only No.: 5836?

Canada is a cuck

Canada is a cuck your wife makes bothunderstand that he is going to be servicing your wifewhile you watch- it' s fine.

/tv/ anon's mom pranks him

/tv/ anon's mom pranks him llooll No.79576331 3 hours agoIS, Ill 9,, we 51.

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better? tr.[f 3868 points 6 hours ago ()To everyone questioning the practicality of this outfit, you have to remember that it' s only meant to be worn at theevent, not as part of a person' s wardrobe.