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Reviewbrah is my cocaine

Reviewbrah is my cocaine Tail, , ltot?Hey its me your son, you left me at wendy' syears agos Son.

they say thats racist

they say thats racist aaq' suspect is teen who received a heart transplant aftercontroversy we years ago.Details at it11 CE) PM - 31 Mar 2015 Detailsthat' s the Best pictyre yall has ttimeTypical white media trying tn make us leek pad- Fucking racists asswhite peeple misrepresents us-I' m tired m the meets ', us heir like stereotypes.

Velcom to Hidroolic press channel

Velcom to Hidroolic press channel 4975 points 5 hours agoWant to get even weirder?1934 points 4 hours agowat fack.

Red Tail Boa Skull

Red Tail Boa Skull Stole from imgurRed Tail Boa that died several years ago.Skinned it, take out organs.