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Pleb-tier fabricated faggotry

Pleb-tier fabricated faggotry was gave me swiming mesons very youngpretty rises swim mer by age 8trip to lake with some pretty steep rmzssuecide I' m going tn impress girls by pushing an other kid into lake when sees, and "rescue" himum him but he doesit fall immediately and starts screamingpush warmalready turned around and saw me do ittthink "Well I not jump in and rescue him now.that maid look super weird‘ajust stand there insteadskid can' t swim for shit and sin ksget there out the water is so murky they cant see himunfucking drownspresque divers ity in by helicopter but he' s already been under 15 minutes when they get therenot course people start thinki rig I' m sick in the Madage: sent to numerous doctors/ psychiatrists over 5 yearsroam find anything wrong with metimr the outward science when doctors tell my parents there doesn' t seem to anything wrong (IE, Your kid is just evil}tureen an reel use ever sinceIt replies omitted.

Anon's success is called into question

Anon's success is called into question i Anonymous (ID: () PIyears oldornage , 600, / year as chefat Wendyseveryone else rny age and mostpol/ users are making ,have roommates, are single withdepressionwho else /greatsuccess/ here?02/ 06/ 17( h/ lon) 19: 32: 26 No.

Anon doesn't need Communism

Anon doesn't need Communism We Need CommunismDebateable13, 153 viewsI At what age do we start giving helicopter rides?Anonymous (ID: rle' i (/ 1 5/ 1 T( Wed) 19:Embed]File: we ks, 512x512}man this kid needs some friends, at his age i was a happy kid not worryingabout political ideologythis tooat ten I had gotten laid at least 5 times with 2 different girlsDid you turn out?