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Trump was Right Again

Trump was Right Again I on THE PHONE:DONALDTRUMP 'New TONIGHT clue2: 51 PM PTices ,MORE: 150 of 160 arrested in ICE raids hadprior felony convictions for child sex crimes,other offensesArrested Across Southern California In Immigration Cree 'emerilFederal immigration officials say people were arrested across the Soother no overthe past week during an crackdown targeting "criminal aliens, illegal '''" and.tnmt Silt - i" ttn f

KEK HAS SPOKEN, #MediaLiesAgain

KEK HAS SPOKEN, #MediaLiesAgain MiltieFile: Emma; (12 KB, 861x109)Fox is reporting that Bob Hayward is the leading candidate to replace Flynn.Upon initial research, dude looks like a total SAVAGE.

/pol/ was right once again

/pol/ was right once again Democrats have looked themselves and they don' t even knowit.So let' s get back to reality: Hillaryalready has EDI] delegates to Emmie' s 44.

4 Years later... Hello again.

There seems to be alot ofmisunderstandingsabout whathappened to me.I am notsurburbanfuckingThen there was thatwhole thing withKodylol, oh boy.