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Microsoft vetoed a black woman on cover for Fable II

Microsoft vetoed a black woman on cover for Fable II One of the selling points for Fable II was greater character customization.And I was like, yes, I do, because it's about be whatever hero you want.

BAME in Games network launched to promote UK industry diversity

This week sees the launch of the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority) in Games network, a new group aimed at promoting ethnic diversity and attracting new talent to the UK games industry.The UK industry's racial diversity, already much lower than the national average of ten per cent and London's 30 per cent, has actually dropped in the last year, sinking to just 4 per cent from 4.

No Man's Sky's hostile fans meet Vivendi's hostile takeover

Such was the start of Sean Murray's week, his life threatened for having the temerity to ensure that Hello Games' most ambitious ever project, No Man's Sky, fulfils its considerable potential.Now is certainly the time for reform, with the industry's audience continuing its expansion in every conceivable demographic - including, the ESA says, an increasingly large number of gamers over the age of 50.

Maxis and GLAAD collaborate to remove gender restrictions from The Sims

According to a report from the Associated Press, the change was inspired by The Sims' community of modders, who have been removing those restrictions from the PC version of the franchise for many years.Rachel Franklin, executive producer on The Sims 4, said that EA Maxis has been working on the update for over a year, bringing in the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD to advise on the details.

Qualcomm settles class-action gender bias suit for $19.5 million

Qualcomm settles class-action gender bias suit for $19.5 million 5 million settlement in a class-action suit accusing the mobile chip-maker of institutional gender discrimination.According to a statement issued by the law firm Sanford Heisler, Qualcomm agreed to the settlement the day before the suit was due to be filed with a federal court in California.

"Where are all the women at?"

"Where are all the women at?" Nearly 40% of the developers on the team are women, including team lead and Zynga GM Nicole Opas.And that doesn't necessarily mean that if you don't see a women ahead of you, that opportunity isn't there.