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Bo's advice for young people

Bo's advice for young people It's the Uptown Funk, but they actually wait a minute 23 hrs agoDo what you must, I have already won 22 hrs agoDexters Mom Has Got In Going On 19 hrs agoNot antireligious, just a little jab all in good fun 23 hrs agoLike that's ever going to happen 23 hrs ago

Dave Grohl and Mark Hoppus

You gave me some of the best advice that We evergotten from any artist through the history of my career.Foo Fighters and were touring Australiaon the Big Day OutAnd Tom and I had both started dating our girlfriends at that time.

Elon Musk just took advice from a super smart 5th grader

Elon Musk just took advice from a super smart 5th grader Is Elon Musk smarter than a fifth grader?On Wednesday night, Bria, a fifth grade "green fan" of Musk's company, Tesla, blew the billionaire's mind by writing him a letter suggesting an innovative advertising idea.

DnD Howto: Character and Player Motivation

DnD Howto: Character and Player Motivation Also you will get to find out your players motivations.Yeah, they all want to play whatever rpg you are playing and have fun, but what exactly is fun is different for everyone.

Anon on "being yourself"

Anon on "being yourself" i Anonymous 03/ 26/ 17( Sun) 01: 44: 45OPA#the funny thing is this is actually great advice forpeople looking for genuine friendships andrelationships, if youre putting on an act you willjust attract people you don' t really even get alongwith, dent have fun around and who are of poorcharacter who put up with insincere relationshipsand it wont end well, but if you just be yourselfbro, even if you are the biggest autistic retard onthe planet, if we interact with enough peoplewe' ll eventually find people who really click withwe we can be honest with, although that doesn' tmean we can yourself to associate withbetter and better peoplehowever most people on here, AND normies, dentlike this advice because all they care about isgetting approval from popular attractive peopleeven if they are dysfunctional shitty people allwhile blaming other people for being shallow fornot accepting themit it

Anon gives rape advice

Anon gives rape advice we meg close 40 lbspstart looking decentgget first girlfriendgget was and shit, life' s greatrams day girlfriend is depressedaask her whystarns out her brothers a rapist who raped herlittle sister but only got 3 and 1/ 2 months andcurrently lives in the same household with herand the sisterwiping to her house Saturdaymatte to meet the rapist faggot and pretend Idon' t know what he didWhat do?88 KB LPG5 Anonymous 04/ 13/ 17( Thu) 14: 22: 47 No.

Good news: this dating app is using their data to help you suck less at finding love.

Good news: this dating app is using their data to help you suck less at finding love. That’s the premise behind IRL, a new digital magazine that’s launching today from dating app Hinge.The site will be updated daily with advice that draws on data they've collected over the years.