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Good advice, plus it's a good laugh

Good advice, plus it's a good laugh The reason that I don't disable anon comments 9 mns agoSplatoon Fan Art Comp.#4 26 mns agoWtf is wrong with newest uploads lately?

Meeting your #1 Fan

Meeting your #1 Fan Tony considers handjob for money.Best GTA V RP Highlights #41 12 mns agoJus eating sum hotdogs and puttin 17 mns agoRandom Regiment Generator for Only War 38 mns agoWhen the plot armor is gone 50 mns agoIt's not easy having yourself a good time 1 hr agoGrans keeping the Beach Safe 1 hr agoUp in the club, just broke up 1 hr ago

Anon gives vacation advice

Anon gives vacation advice 7382137'to Disney Worldone of these stupid Mickey-Ears hatsthe fucking thing mgearhead57 KB JPG 'Break into Cinderella' s Castleall the way the tepyour hands and yell to get the attention ofpark patrons belowtout, "I am motherfucking Tinkerbell!blarneyed conservativeness's.

Anon provides relationship advice

Anon provides relationship advice Rwby featured in Blazblue crossover game 1 mn agoCombat rations can upgraded by medical crews 1 mn agoSome art I used to do few years ago 24 mns agoOnline dating in one picture 37 mns agoThe Rock vs Jason Statham 44 mns agoAnd they were never put together 46 mns agoOverly posessive pharmacist 48 mns ago

Ladies, here's some advice.

Ladies, here's some advice. He is not going to be wastingtime on ', posting relationshipquotes.Put downyour ' lall phone.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #53

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #53 When you roll a nat 20 against the Nazi's 12 mns agoPost your favorite bands songs that you like but are also bad 29 mns agoRandom Webm dump (volume warning) 36 mns agoJust thought this was funny 36 mns agoI laugh every time I watch this 37 mns ago

youtube comments these days

youtube comments these days tii/ VIill/ VIIIUN, Lty'' llatlttdlShoelessReply - 4854 It.Hide replies "Illest The Virtual Gamer 3 months agoHAHAHAHAiife) ii.

Sure, porn is fine. But did you know Pornhub can also teach you to cook?

Sure, porn is fine. But did you know Pornhub can also teach you to cook? If you're visiting Pornhub for the sex, you're doing it all wrong.But did you know you can also use the site to learn how to roast a chicken (NOT a euphemism) and fix your car?