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Robot has Actual Fucking Sex

Robot has Actual Fucking Sex And ANTIFA goes down for the count; right in the jigglejoggers 5 mns agoGames you loved from the start.22 mns agoThe Perfect Perf Perf Bowl 23 mns agoA Glass Of Celery Juice Lowers Hypertension, Sugar, Arthritis 24 mns agoDarwin Award Outside Trump Rally 27 mns agocelebrities you didn't know could sing 35 mns agoworst person in the world poll 39 mns agoSpear fishing, incorrectly 44 mns agoI put Ferris Bueller music over a squatting infomercial 53 mns agoEpisode 2.

Patrick Söderlund on the Future of Mass Effect

Patrick Söderlund on the Future of Mass Effect The Gamereactor folks have asked Patrick Söderlund, EA's Executive Vice President, about the future of Mass Effect when they ran into him at Gamescom.After sharing that he thinks Mass Effect: Andromeda was criticized too harshly, Söderlund said that Mass Effect, as a franchise, is just too big to be buried, and that the bigwigs at EA fully intend to come back to it in the future.

What the actual fuck...

What the actual fuck... Friday at 9: 07 PM.E)Allies":Just because your friend (of color) is comfortable withyou and invites you into a brown or black spacedoesn' t mean that you should take them up on theoffer.

actual episode of catfish

actual episode of catfish Japan Finance Minister: "Hitler Had Right Motives" 3 mns agoTop 10 Soundtracks in the Monster Hunter franchise 5 mns agoWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 6 mns agoGod damnit Linda, get in here!19 mns agoWhenever I see a new merchant in Witcher 3 21 mns agoAnon watched a horror movie 25 mns agoBrandon Hates Squeaky Cars 31 mns agoWOLFENSTEIN FROM 2009 WAS A GOOD GAME 42 mns agoDoes this happens to you?

/pol/ack goes to a job interview

/pol/ack goes to a job interview Joh Interviewageing to a job interviewlathe place is obviouslyVERY liberal.And notactual liberal, I meanAmerican liberal74 KB we awfuck it I need themegoes well,answer all questions with decent answersllast question, interview literally ask "whattity you think about muslims and otherminorities'?

br? br? br? in the IDF

br? br? br? in the IDF And another dude was from South Africa (some just could't believe him) low educated Israelis (or people anywhere in the world) sometimes focus a lot in stereotypes.He grew up in a Druze village in the north next to an Arab-Israeli village.