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people dying 7, actual people this time

ISIS training camp is destroyed by an airstrike Worker is accidentally crushed by a block of marble motorcyclist is hit and then run over by truck this ones quick, an idiot opens his door without looking and the motorcyclist has his head run over by the passing car as he falls over Man drives into a group of pedestrians, killing 3 in China Dam, what a terrible way to kill yourself its the hoover dam $300,000 worth of steaks and also the driver were lost in this crash Iraqi man about to fire an RPG 7 at Us troops gets gunned down because he did not take've probably seen it, but this is the Russian Ambassador being killed in Turkey Two people dead after light plane crashes into Perth's Swan River man commits suicide by throwing himself under a bus

Because who cares about the actual story amirite?

Because who cares about the actual story amirite? sometimes i forget havv, straight people) won' tat the chance to watch a show with gayrep in it.i literally said to rrly straight friendtoday "oh you should watch this show, it haslesbians in it" arid stared at rne for a goodfew minutes in confusion before asking “um?

police anon speaks up

police anon speaks up PD insider here.nna.

I've witnessed a murder

I've witnessed a murder Replying (generation twine the wail, mine will tear it edwn_an Hinkley @.VI knew its hard bielieve fer we eat m tench lately, but age ebeen' tcorrelate went ethic er intelligence_In mi as.