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so CH t) poms 1 hour agoI dent really see prenatal alcohol exposure as an Issue of bodily autonomy, but as a man, I' m going tocheck my privilege here and step back and see what others have to say.I see it as more of an ableism Issue.

Actual morbid humor content

Actual morbid humor content itNata clay was he that i dent miss Steve.Comment " Sharehese thoughtful words truly pierced my heart.

Secret Service Agent's Decoy Hands

Secret Service Agent's Decoy Hands The agent more than likely had a p90 or some other kind of submachine gun under his coat manned with his actual real arms.It's been the standard for sometime.

How Could This Happen

How Could This Happen For once, I'm glad that the Pats won 23 hrs agoNot all heroes wear capes 14 hrs agoAnon sums up Super Bowl 51 10 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 80 15 hrs agoHow ancient ruins look when they are new 16 hrs agoSnowflakes ETERNALLY BTFO 02/06/2017when you turn off the lights 19 hrs agoA Tale of Two rulers Part 81 10 hrs ago

Celebrate with – Ouch! It’s Toothache Day! – Feb 9, 2017 – 2

We have no idea why, but it’s Toothache Day.Because we love commemorating strange holidays, we couldn’t let this one pass us by.

Antifa meets actual Neo Nazis

Antifa meets actual Neo Nazis “I didn’t think something like this could happen.This is crazy,” one of the victims said.

wholesome south african meme comp

wholesome south african meme comp They've Become Self Aware 1 mn agoSome guy got the Nintendo Switch early 2 mns agoAnon gets back into Skyrim 3 mns agobacon chocolate shotglasses 10 mns ago[Archive] 4chan Winter Cup 2017 Opening 12 mns ago5 To 4 To The 3 To The 5.13 mns agoTwo types of shots in Texas 17 mns ago