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sanity from an ex-member of the FA Movement

I am an iremember of the Fat Acceptance movement.Even my parents ate the portionsof what is now considered to be a child' s meal.

#BLM provides acceptance into Standford

#BLM provides acceptance into Standford BLACK DARM/ IAB: ita are ET I Updated s agoTeen Writes ‘#’ 100 Times OnStanford Application, Gets InTo be Muslim is to be a ELM ally," »: i activist Had Ahmad said.E my the DickerHad Ahmed said Stanford saw his "una activism“ as an asset.

Quadruplets got into Yale and Harvard. All four of them.

Quadruplets got into Yale and Harvard. All four of them. Imagine thinking you're having twins, and ending up with quadruplets.That's what happened to the parents of Nigel, Zach, Aaron, and Nick Wade - four extraordinary high school seniors who found out they were all accepted to Harvard.

Self acceptance on /pol/

Self acceptance on /pol/ because one of our fundamental principles is to have pride in your people, whether that be your race, religion, gender, country, political groups or any other way of grouping people.on the most racially equal websiteon the internet, a fucking white supremacist section of an anime image board.