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Wilders has been compromised.

Wilders has been compromised. Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) is a politician known for his anti-islamic rhetoric.For this he has been getting death threats for over a decade and he's on the hitlist of al qaeda for a while (see image below)For these reasons, he has been guarded in safe houses with around the clock protection for over a decade.

So glad we don't have to deal with this

We don' t stop beingwerewolves when we' re in human form, wedon' t stop being werewolves when we' re inwolf form.Listen, I' been in a committed relationshipwith a selkie for over ten years.

Daily News Feb-21-2017

Daily News Feb-21-2017 While there has been no damage to the Dam, relentless storms and heavy snowfall have caused the dam's retention pond to overflow and cascade into drainage areas.The tests were designed to look at how particular parts of the brain responded to the prospect of getting a reward.


C U T E pussy pass DENIED painfully 11 hrs agopretty big jump in the middle there.21 hrs agoOne of the best cosplays i've seen 21 hrs agoSo glad we don't have to deal with this 22 hrs agoLegend says its still flying this day.

/fit/izens share 2 sides of a story.

/fit/izens share 2 sides of a story. File:.igg (115 KB, 776x905)Who else here?