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/x/ anon is bamboozled

/x/ anon is bamboozled Anonymous Tue (15 Jan 2015 15: 19: 42 hha.15651236 Reportwe ti]Hiding bike with mom and sistrip through the forest to the lakekeep up after them, cause hatemf; glasses are broken, so i ride without themrt see my mom only as red stain (her dress) like in front of me.

Bakugo is best waifu

Bakugo is best waifu Anon suggests how to commit suicide 1 mn agoWendy's isnt only savage on Twitter 6 mns agoLittle things that make me happy 4 7 mns agoHow Deactivate Grey from seen content 12 mns agoTrump is more powerful than we thought 21 mns ago★★★ Make lightsabers great again ★★★ 23 mns agoObi-Wan Remembers The Truth 26 mns agoawkward teacher/student moments 31 mns ago

/x/ Creature at Summer Camp

/x/ Creature at Summer Camp May 2013 23: 33: 45 Reporthabe 12he get sent tn a summer camp by mistake because best friends mom is ESLhe 1200 kids.I' m 1 of 5 white kidshe friend and I get assigned to Cherokee camphe Cherokee camp is pretty inns weeds and my cabin is even further Inna weeds about hem a large creekare your basic 15x15 6 feet wall with 4 feet of openness Into the mothe bunk beds.

Want a free Xbox One X? Hope you like eating Taco Bell

Want a free Xbox One X? Hope you like eating Taco Bell But you can get one two months early for just $5 if you're lucky.Winners will receive not only an Xbox One X console, but a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 and a three-month Xbox Game Pass subscription as well.

10.45 miles of penis

10.45 miles of penis Buster Jenkins x VMy drunk ass girlfriend said she had sex with over 200guys.4 years of college I 365 days a year) 200 guys = a newgm every 13 days.

/x/ practices dark magic

/x/ practices dark magic Fivehead Princess is victorious 7 mns agoFunnyJunk Best Doggo & Demon Contests: Preliminary Round 21 mns agoKimi No Na wa real ending 34 mns agoChing chong, ding wrong neighborhood MF 46 mns agoHow to protect your vodka from neighbor Vadim.1 hr agoWhys he in chuck e.

Here’s ALL the Xbox One games that are enhanced for Xbox One X

Here’s ALL the Xbox One games that are enhanced for Xbox One X Now that the Xbox One X preparations are in full swing (if you’re super on the ball you might even have already nabbed your Xbox One X pre-order), it’s time to step back to see which games are going to benefit from the Xbox One X’s shiny new technology.Below is a comprehensive list of every single game that’s going to be enhanced by the Xbox One X.