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anon gets out of prison

anon gets out of prison Rogerssimon10 (Jumper cables guy) 2 mns agoThe best ship, featuring the real best girl.4 mns agoWell, that's embarrassing.

Historical photos part whatever, NOW IN COLOR

Historical photos part whatever, NOW IN COLOR 30,000 Russians queue for the first McDonald's in the Soviet Union, January 30th 1990 Atomic cloud over Nagasaki, Sept 8,1945, taken 15+ minutes after the explosion, seen from a distance of 15 km.50 years ago an accidental rocket launch aboard the USS Forrestal hit a fighter on the deck piloted by John McCain.

Roadshow Antique memes part whatever

Roadshow Antique memes part whatever Ain't that a kick in the nuts 10 mns agoThis is what's wrong with BuzzFeed 13 mns agoGum ‘bout to spraypaint yo face 25 mns agoCute Stuff (Mogami Edition) 26 mns agoSpiritual womxn explains why Kim K is the devil 27 mns agoRobot (Castle in the Sky) 31 mns agoI miss edgy Rose from Steven Universe 37 mns agoRelaxing Slime ASMR Compilation 40 mns agoWhen the path-finding is just right 43 mns agoRepost Comp 106: Memetics 101 44 mns ago

whatever you can carry

whatever you can carry now this IS what i want :) 1 mn agoAll Around Me Are Familiar Faces 59 mns agoYou got your beard stuck in the wrong letterbox 2 hrs agowhen the entire cs-go lobby is drunk off vodka 2 hrs agoWhat do you think of Reimu 2 hrs agoAre you suggesting what really happened, HAPPENED?3 hrs ago