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Asians are now White

Asians are now White 1 Enough said.the cop was Chinesewhat the fuel: is point '?

A non political post

A non political post Make America Classy Again 23 hrs agoPatriotism Like That Turns Me On 18 hrs agoMake elder scrolls great again 23 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #11 21 hrs agoMy favourite Znoflats comic 20 hrs agoWhen Bastion mains try different heroes 23 hrs agoPyromaniac is Located (Attempted Murder) 15 hrs agoDutch Dank Stank Comp: 4# 18 hrs ago/pol/ sums up the tolerant left 13 hrs ago/Fit/izen using psychology to get GAINZ 23 hrs agoShaira Is The Way For Women's Freedom 19 hrs agoUS Canceling the TPP Deal 14 hrs ago

This is ISLAM and welcome to jackass

This is ISLAM and welcome to jackass PREPARATION OF THE CONDEMNED ADULTERERend wanes Involved In the useere lo heels were thescheduled exe: The law stipulates thatexei: lake Blue at dawn.the status sheildbe ‘around the SIX: Ha pelleellee"THIS ROCK WOULDBE DEEMEDTOO SMALLThisArticle In - the has hint!