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Random shit on my computer

Random shit on my computer I found an old picture of my kitters 2 mns agoPresident Trump reinstates transgender military ban 13 mns agoUsing a tortillia as a record player 15 mns agoLooking for gas masks on Amazon, found a gem.31 mns agoWhat White Knights Actually Believe 33 mns agoI wish yo momma swallowed you 34 mns agoBoku no hero academia chibis 36 mns agoOne of the best Disney Films 1 hr ago

The good ole days

The good ole days The single happiest dog ever 3 mns ago-Are you sure is not cold to surf?8 mns agoXbox Gaming part 2: Asshole Boogaloo 9 mns agoWhen deadlines are approaching and you've discovered Adderall 13 mns agoGross injustice occurring abroad?

Discovery of the Egg

Discovery of the Egg Just smile and ignore it.32 mns agoHappy Adoption Anniversary, Addie!

Never watched this show

Never watched this show I' sjust adults weboring, them.