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Veteran FB Dump: Trigger List

Veteran FB Dump: Trigger List TRIGGER WARNINGBefore you scroll down an get butt hurt, remember that the military and veterans have been at the **** end of the stick of politicians since 1775Yes, we have political opinions.They are usually crude and unpopular because they sound mean.

DOT warning this morning.

DOT warning this morning. Huslaysapr Zatavo Pugsithav 1 mn agoOwaplurtup Miggigg Ineytlo 6 mns agoAMOR PROHIBIDO-(FORBIDDEN LOVE) 11 mns agoFREE STEAM GAME: SHADOW WARRIOR 18 mns agoTfw you know your adopted by a doggo 18 mns agoShut up and take my money!31 mns agoNorth Korea is ready to strike unless 'US starts acting sensibly' 34 mns agoMerchandising, Pikachu VCR 41 mns ago

Anon grinds out a rep

Anon grinds out a rep My cat doesnt like being fed by 80's robots 2 mns agoWhat do you call women over 200 pounds?2 mns agoBadass Argonians Oblivion Crisis - The Elder Scrolls Lore 3 mns agoPossibly the longest unintentional slip of all time 10 mns agopunishment fits the crime 15 mns agoTo all the fans of Jurassic Park: Genesis 18 mns agoStar Citizen Westeros Face tracker 20 mns agoBecause Zootopia can't get any lewder 31 mns agoCheck description - help me find the meme 36 mns agoKendal cute furry stuff 4 38 mns agoALL Trump supporters are now "White Supremacists" 59 mns agoWeamanomr Daggeid Kerloscu 1 hr ago

games memes dump #19

games memes dump #19 Ryūjin no ken wo kūrae!5 mns agoA comp discovered in the shed 16 mns agoA comp found in your wallet 20 mns agoSimple no sound video to make you happy 22 mns agoAre you going to leave her waiting?