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Warner Bros. really wants fallen ‘Shadow of War’ monster to become a meme

Warner Bros. really wants fallen ‘Shadow of War’ monster to become a meme and developer Monolith Productions showed off the first gameplay from Middle-earth: Shadow of War.The sequel to Shadow of War looks nothing short of stunning, with an advanced “Nemesis” system, new combat abilities, and flying mounts that completely change the course of battles.

Watch the bloody and bizarre ‘American Gods’ trailer and prep for ‘glorious’ war

Watch the bloody and bizarre ‘American Gods’ trailer and prep for ‘glorious’ war Game of Thrones‘ July return date has left a hole in TV fans’ April schedule, but the new Starz series American Gods is here to fill the void.The premium network released the official trailer Wednesday, and it is full of brutal action and war that promises to be “glorious.

anon takes shrooms for the first time.

anon takes shrooms for the first time. File: Screenshot 20, :

Creative Bullshit: After the Epic

Creative Bullshit: After the Epic Let me tell you a story For once upon a time, there lived several great, just, and powerful men and women They fought against a great evil, beating it back from their lands They defeated this evil, forcing it into submission, and returned to their homes They became rulers of their many homes, leading their people to the destinies they desired However there was one thing none of them foresaw: that once the ties that binds you together is gone, it is all too easy for everything to fall to infighting Yet, in honor of all the heroes have been through, they tried to maintain a closeness But with time the cracks formed in the friendly façade and their friendship fractured and broke apart And still they fell farther, with the gaps became too large to bridge, thus the heroes became enemies One hero, a Noble Paladin, watched as war once again ravished his once peaceful home He had to take a side, and a side, in the end, he took In war he was steadfast, just as he had been before But in his heart he looked back on that choice, wondered if he had made the wrong one Sometimes this worry was spawn through battle, others through the face of the dead, and sometimes through the face of villagers he passed The worst pangs of doubt came after the raiding of the cities Fire of war would roam across the land, cries of mercy and rage were abundant as lives were torn asunder The battle culminated in the raiding of the keep, with the Paladin leading the charge All to often he found himself face to face with an old friend, swords crossed not in shared valor, but as enemies It was the same cycle every time; a few words were exchanged, a fight would ensue, Blows were traded, before his friend was cut down, and death took his friend away as he cradled them in his arms The Paladin would beg for forgiveness from his god, for the act he had just done But none seemed to come When the war finally concluded, many cheered, eager to usher in this new age of prosperity Others cried, lamenting the pointless loss of life of their fathers and sons But for the Paladin, he felt neither the happiness nor sadness Instead, what he felt was an all-consuming tiredness, a tired he could not shake A tiredness that weighed down his soul, drowning him in the memories of what once were and what had been So silently he faded into the background and slipped away from his once grand position, hoping only to escape his busy life, and return to a simpler time And so he did, becoming a simple swordsman in a far away and oft forgotten town, were he could live out his days in relative peace, far away from the world outside And yet the memories followed him here He could see them all in his mind, their friendly, happy smiles, twisting with pain, grief, and death And in the quiet moments, when no one was around and darkness was in the sky, all that pained the Paladin brought back memories that burned his eyes They made water roll out of them through his graying beard, and into his worn hands, cupped over his face And as the tears did flow, the all to familiar tiredness again began to over take him, a tiredness he could not escape So the great Paladin, would lay himself down upon his bed and so he slept, waiting for the sun to rise, sleeping as an old man who needed much more than sleep Hoping that in the morning he would awaken without pain, that all his life was simply a cruel dream, but knowing it was but a fools hope

Creative Assembly teases a new Total War game with countdown timer

Creative Assembly teases a new Total War game with countdown timer The website for strategy game series Total War has been altered to redirect to a countdown ending on March 31, indicating a new game will likely be announced that day.The logos for Creative Assembly, Sega, and the Total War series appear on top.

The Second American Civil War

The Second American Civil War Texas, annexed after the South won the second civil warwe slightly fem land land who identifies as califag.ait' s illegal to not be a white christian manaye my eyes blue to match populationmyself to remember entire King James Biblealts how survivebefore going out i smile upon my Dad# 4 locket gave me before the executionwe was killed for being a muslimChadly close locket, put it in chastity buttplug, then insertllt' s an evil ISIS world now, since Hitler was resurrectedgo outside, covering my scaly ethnic gm facewee smiling white children makes me illEveryone is singing gospels and helping eachotherdrones fly through the air, not involving themselves with anyone or being oppressiveDawkins this is awfulat ' s, formerly called Arbys but renamed since Amy' s sounded too fucking gaymmy tum to orderis run by exotic Scandanavian Blondeyher blue eyes flash into my cold dead pupilsHello fellow patriot, what can i get you?