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Robot wants to become a monk

Robot wants to become a monk i AnonymousWhy haven' t you become a monk (-)Think about it, you' ll neverDFI!have sex anyways so thattill won' t be a problem.

The Second American Civil War

The Second American Civil War Texas, annexed after the South won the second civil warwe slightly fem land land who identifies as califag.ait' s illegal to not be a white christian manaye my eyes blue to match populationmyself to remember entire King James Biblealts how survivebefore going out i smile upon my Dad# 4 locket gave me before the executionwe was killed for being a muslimChadly close locket, put it in chastity buttplug, then insertllt' s an evil ISIS world now, since Hitler was resurrectedgo outside, covering my scaly ethnic gm facewee smiling white children makes me illEveryone is singing gospels and helping eachotherdrones fly through the air, not involving themselves with anyone or being oppressiveDawkins this is awfulat ' s, formerly called Arbys but renamed since Amy' s sounded too fucking gaymmy tum to orderis run by exotic Scandanavian Blondeyher blue eyes flash into my cold dead pupilsHello fellow patriot, what can i get you?

Invest in Eastern Europe

Invest in Eastern Europe to invest into JSlavic nationsNeed to be sure youwon' t spend intoalcoholNonono!Slavs notYuo ' newthrough Slav Europe more into drunken’Slav Europe nowfully niceMe will showit InOf looking at city of Prague'.

How to defeat your enemies

How to defeat your enemies 1979 soviet s.t.