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Google can finally translate Hindi sentences like a pro

Google can finally translate Hindi sentences like a pro You can now count on the Google Translation app to settle your dinner-table debates over popular Hindi dialogues and what they actually mean.With deep neutral network, the company says translations are "more accurate and sound closer to the way people speak the language.

Anon has good fingers

Anon has good fingers File: (358 KB, 512x288)IT year old mekaylol had one of her friends overkaylol' s friend was 23, Vietnamese and hot as hellkwe' II call her Mariekln my room playing alonessomeone knocks on the doorkl tell them to come inkit' s Mariekthe wanted to see what I was doingkl keep my speakers pretty loud so I figured it was because of the noisekl show her the gameAabout 8 minutes in she says its really coldkl keep my room around () so not surprisinggets up and crawls into my bedkl continue playing my gameAafter about 2 songs she asks a questionWhat are you still doing over there, Anona"kl respond in confusionWell, where else am I supposed to be?Are you really that scared?