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Gettin Swole With Kirby

Gettin Swole With Kirby Girl hits a guy twice her size, gets hit right back.23 hrs agoWhen 2B Catches You Jacking off To Her 23 hrs agoSo what exactly happened to this guy?

Pls Stop Staring at 2B

Pls Stop Staring at 2B I dont want the world to see this 22 hrs agoWe have the technology, someone tell Bioware 17 hrs agoWhat an Australian meat pie sounds like 23 hrs agoVery important conference 16 hrs agoSky Williams reacts to Shadman 22 hrs agoSt Patricks Day = White Pride rally 21 hrs agoMan with MS and HIV offers help, gets savagely beaten 22 hrs agoUhh sir?Are you alright?

CaptoGlove Channels The Powerglove Into The Modern Gaming Era

The CaptoGlove is the motion controller VR has needed this whole time.Cue the CaptoGlove, a throwback to one of the most iconic gaming peripherals of all time, the Powerglove, for the Virtual Reality era.

If Link Were Riased as a Gerudo

If Link Were Riased as a Gerudo If Link Were Riased as a Gerudo Click to block a category: aznzeus prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment GayAndTrapThings ( subs)Mention History ChocolateGirlLovers ( subs)Mention History FitnessFappers ( subs)Mention History wonder what it was like for ganon?Like youre the only dude in your entire village your schoolmates are all girls and all your teachers are womenheaven or hell FJ?

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101 Right where it belongs :^) After dumping everything into the bin Your browser does not support the video tag.Okay, explanation what the literal **** is going on:>Do freelance work for a game retail shop>Apparently they received a shipment of ME:A with all of the CD-Keys stolen during transit>Big **** you to EA for not even disabling the stolen CD-Keys>This crap would actually need to end up in trash eventually so we just decided to have some fun