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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 now free to download on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 now free to download on Xbox 360 and Xbox One If you’re the proud owner of an Xbox Live Gold subscription, then you can now make the most of the Games With Gold scheme by downloading Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for nothing.Usually priced at £8.

Fallout 4 meets New Vegas Companions

Fallout 4 meets New Vegas Companions The Fire Rises: WORLD WAR MEME the Third 23 hrs agoGeorge Soros - enemy of the state 18 hrs agoThe true terrorist of Quebec.14 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #15 9 hrs agoPull your head in seriously guys.

k in New Vegas

k in New Vegas we standing guard south of Mccarran with squad buddypost is a line of sandbags in the middle of nowhere by the roadsurrounded by hills on all sides because lei superior NCR tacticstthe fucking heat is killing meNuclear winter sounds nice right about nowsuddenly figures in the distancettake a while to make it outait' s a fucking floating Corpse with half it' s limbs Noon oftage}: walks behind it levitating it with his mindhuge blue supermutant follows suit in a straw hat and apronmmy face whenage}: approaches, drops eff the body and talks some nonsense about retrieving it for seme POC) bitchsquad buddy audibly shitting himselfgguy leeks at his wristwatchshim and the mutie disappear into thin airemf; face againWhen I got this assignment I was hoping there' d be mere gambling

/k/ in New Vegas, edgelord edition

/k/ in New Vegas, edgelord edition File: Silus_' ppg as KB, amass}We legion Centurionaims battle NCRaall my men an hemadept feel like dyingcapturedINCR threw me in celllieutenant keeps nagging melieutenant bitch walks outImpress back, introduces some faggotcleaves me with faggotbaggot starts talking shiticall him out on his degeneracyWe ups his shit talkgetting pissed nowWe keeps talking shitHerbal shitposting is tee much to handleliterally shaking respill the beans about legion spy in a fit of rageregret not an hereingAntonymous 02/ 18/ & 00 F

/k/ in New Vegas, NCR edition

/k/ in New Vegas, NCR edition Anonymous 02/ :21 :35 FFile: IMG (1.08 MB, 200x200)lite Her soldiergget same report that same important guy willbe visitingSSE) e guy they were talking eheutWe has a pet deathclaw that' s wearing a taphatbe rad mach that has a PHDSSC) mt?

/k/ in New Vegas, Raider edition

/k/ in New Vegas, Raider edition an ambush I minefield.sitting on a hilltop waiting fer same stupid caravan er something to show up.

Sums Up New Vegas

Sums Up New Vegas Glad to see that the real issues are being addressed.2 mns agohow to make friends on fj (couldn't thinmk of a better title) 12 mns agoChild support and of Chavs 13 mns agoDo you have a gun on you?

historical photos part 3 Brazilian

historical photos part 3 Brazilian Aldrin Nazi general Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution for killing 15 OSS men, Italy, 1945.A young Anne Frank holding a jumping rope next to her friend, Sanne Ledermann, on a sidewalk in Merwedeplein, Amsterdam.