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Civilization VI – All Abilities, Leaders and Bonus Guide -

Civilization VI – All Abilities, Leaders and Bonus Guide - This guide will show you different bosses, leaders and their abilities, rewards and bonuses and much more.Civilization VI highlights 20 distinct leaders including the base game at dispatch.

Anon tells his highest tale

Anon tells his highest tale i Anonymous ( Fri) 00: 33: 34 No.719602874Okay /bl this is a tale of the highestWe ever been and it changed mylifecollege virgintime I got to naked chicks22 KB we was in a stripclub in Britianafuckin strived for poontangget high as fuck and just imagine havingsex with beautiful womenfriend is roommate who gets astart off as friends but slowly get to reallylike eachother a shit tonFfucking intimate shit that I dreamed about at nightsone night both were had amazing fucking sexwhile my room was right next to hisshounds so much more special and better thanporns/ kt them time I took like 5 gravity bong hits andwas seem fuckin starsstrarted to get synesthesia and could feel whatthey were feeling just from what I was hearinglike I was getting fucked in a vagina andfucking with my penisssaw insane visuals of us three in a paradisemaking loveFearne for what felt like hours, ran into roommatesroom thinking they both had been telepathicallyhaving sex with me.

life with Vi and Cait

life with Vi and Cait Anon disputes "imaginary line" 23 hrs agoexchange about Calvin Klein picture 22 hrs agoTrooper Shows Useful Trick 23 hrs agoAmerican Horror Story: Nicole Kidman Edition 18 hrs agoMSM caught buying fake clicks from China 02/27/2017Being PC before it was trendy 19 hrs agoAnon finds the right answer to a riddle 23 hrs agoThe romanticist with cement shoes 19 hrs ago

Anon predicts GTA VI

Anon predicts GTA VI REASON WHY SHADMAN GOT IN TROUBLE 16 hrs agoHey guys look, I made a dead meme 22 hrs agoNow you can master the elements in VR 23 hrs agoProperly the most dangerous job in Russia 18 hrs agoThe California Representatives that sold out your privacy to ISPs 23 hrs agoHow Oldfags Watched Anime 19 hrs agoTrash fuels the raccoon invasion 6 hrs agoFree kekistan - #kekfugees welcome 23 hrs agoJust feminists being hypocrites 13 hrs agoeffay anon fixes his orientation 17 hrs agoIf Satan where a web developer 15 hrs ago

Hiding his power level

Hiding his power level t' rter,?i- tet flu think VI ‘Ill?

Daily News: Apr-20-2017

Daily News: Apr-20-2017 The Hajime malware family, which was first uncovered [PDF] by Rapidity Networks researchers last fall, is increasingly competing with the Mirai botnet to infect Internet of Things (IoT) devices.Symantec estimates that Hajime's peer-to-peer network numbers in the tens of thousands of devices, with the majority of infections in Brazil, Iran, Thailand and the Russian Federation.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet on The Digital Antiquarian

Ultima VI: The False Prophet on The Digital Antiquarian The latest Digital Antiquarian blog entry talks about Ultima VI: The False Prophet.The post is quite extensive and includes photos, screenshots, and excerpts from a variety of books.