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A 90s kid made this

A 90s kid made this That's one hell of a military career 21 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 19 hrs agoQuick, while the British are asleep upvote iced tea 16 hrs agoThrough the Fire and Flames GMV 21 hrs agoWhat is this , trash for losers?

Cheetah-like prototype may make robots more energy efficient

Cheetah-like prototype may make robots more energy efficient Though best known for their speed, cheetahs are also remarkably efficient runners, making them animals of interest for roboticists who want to replicate that energy efficiency in their machines.“They made two awesome robots but still I thought, ‘We’re actually trying to copy the way it runs — the speed, the energy-efficiency — and not the way it looks.

Monster Fact Comp: Orcs

The Orcs, a race in Azeroth (originally from Draenor) are a race of hulking muscular beasts, who's very culture is based on honor and conflict.The most prominent idea among WoW Orcs, is the idea of Lok'Tar Ogar, which means Victory or Death.

Daily News April 27-2017

Daily News April 27-2017 Crematorioum in Ohio didn't account for the extra fuelA crematorium in Ohio caught fire while burning the remains of an "overly obese" body, according to the owner.Don Catchen said the corpse caused flames to engulf one of his units in the city of Cincinnati.